Frequently asked questions

How do I take care of my naturally dyed clothing?

I advise to hand-wash your garments in cold water. If hand-washing is not accessible to you then machine washing in cold water will preserve the colors too! Just avoid washing in warm/hot water!

Will the color of naturally dyed clothing last?

Like all clothing after years of use, color fading might be expected. These garments have been pre-washed and prepared for dyeing to ensure the color locks. Additionally, all dyed garments are machine washed at least twice after being dyed so that pictures depict their truest color!

Do you take custom orders?

At this time I unfortunately haven't found the time or space to conduct custom orders! It's something I'd love to do so look out for future announcements about this!

Can you recreate an item?

Natural dyeing is highly variable based on the fabrics uses, plant material available, how long the garment is in the dye bath, what environment the plant material was growing in, and the list goes on. I am humbly at the will of nature when creating these pieces! So each product is different from the next and nothing can be truly recreated identical to another item.